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There is all sorts of stuff here, to listen to or read; clicking on ‘audio recordings’ above, or on one of the recordings on the right of this page, will take you to my ‘sound cloud’ , and I think every section has something written to enjoy, have an explore.


The rest of this section is the intro. You can skip it, like you might in a book, if you wish, but check out the bottom of the page if you want to use any of the material or contact me for any other reason, have fun.

The name may seem obvious, but I am known on as Olly Buckle. My fan, however, pointed out I published ‘A Read for the Train’ as Oliver Buckle, and to stick to it would pre-empt any confusion.

A Read for the Train, published by Lulu at the reduced price of £5,

( it’s also available on Amazon, but they nick two thirds of the profit), and consists of short stories and other material mostly unavailable here; see reader reviews.


The site has words from me and images supplied by Mark Percival, who constructed the site, and to whom many thanks are due. You will find recordings of me reading from most sections, thanks to Mark and his recording equipment, and several performances of song lyrics.


The thing I can not present here is story telling. I have a number of traditional stories which I tell, however they are not of set form, and the story adjusts to the audience, they do not transfer well to a fixed setting. If anyone has an event coming up where they would like a traditional story teller please get in touch, it is an activity I enjoy.


I have mentioned and much of the material in the section here on writing first appeared in a similar form in the newsletter there. One comment I had when I collected it in this form, ‘At last, a text book I can read’. I have been a Mentor and a Moderator on the forum and was instrumental in the development of mentoring as distinct from moderation. I have largely retired from an active staff role, but am honoured to have been given the title of Patron and still visit regularly.


Writers generally could do far worse than paying a visit. There is much useful food for thought in their ‘writing discussion’ and ‘hints and tips’ sections as well as entertaining, though possibly less useful, distractions such as word games and regular competitions , ‘Piglet’s picks’ is also worth a visit, though you will probably have to sign up to see these. My interest in writing and editing remains, I welcome comments and enquiries from both readers and writers, and reply.


As I said, Mark is responsible for the design and the written content is mine, various others are responsible for musical contributions to accompany my lyrics, if you are interested I am available to enter into correspondence. We all assert our rights to this material. I am happy for people to use and disseminate the material here that I have produced on a not for profit basis or for charity, with the proviso that they consult me; if it is to raise money for charity you never know, I might even help. For commercial use please get in touch (We are at Oliver - easily remembered).


We don't expect to be wealthy; I am old enough to be realistic, and Mark is much to nice, but a couple of bob towards the hosting always helps, let's talk.


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