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I do not have a lot directly awaiting publication, as I have chosen to go the self published route my first book, A Read for the Train, was published pretty well as soon as it was ready. What I do have is Eleanor’s Little book of Interesting Facts, partly the problem is “how big is a little book?”. Like A Read for the Train it is a compilation, where should I stop and where do I start Eleanor’s second little book of Interesting Facts?


I give you part of the introduction:-


Eleanor’s little book of interesting facts


When my daughter, was a little girl and I was putting her to bed I would say, “Jump into bed quick and I will tell you an interesting fact”. There were two main things I was aiming at; I wanted to make knowledge the bribe so she would discover pleasure in knowledge for its own sake, and I wanted to give her background knowledge, teach the things generally known, but not formally taught. There was other stuff of course, it was ritual, bonding, fun; all those hard to define, social things that make us what we are. I think it worked, she is a bright, clever, enquiring sort of person, with sense of balance. When I told her that she said, “Dad, you’re my father, you’re supposed to think that, it doesn’t mean it’s true.” I rest my case.


This is a selection from the facts I told. They are not in any order, other than my choosing or memory, and my choices are erratic and memory fallible. I do not pretend that this is a transcription, as they were told, writing and storytelling are very different skills, but it should at least impart the flavour of the original.

They were told at all sorts of ages, but date mainly from the later years. Partly, because they were more recent and I recall them better, but also a lot of the early facts were very short and simple, such as, ‘insects have six legs’ or ‘arachnids have eight legs and are spiders or scorpions’, though I might have explained what scorpions were.


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