In preparation

I have a number of books in various stages of preparation, the most advanced being “The Nelson Garvey home for the elderly”. What started out as a working title has become gradually engrained, I always felt the name of the home, a mixture of South African and Jamaican presidents, was an excellent fun poke at the PC South London councils of the late twentieth century. It is a tale of people who don’t want to give up, they have spent their whole lives inveigling, encouraging, wheeling and dealing; with all that experience why should they stop simply because they got old, they have so many skills.


Nelson Garvey is some way towards completion, I have forty, nearly fifty, thousand words and a lot of editing done, there are some other projects that are not so advanced. Mr Watkins is a retired spy. What happens to a real life James Bond when he is no longer needed. Largely I suspect he would be an embarrassment to be disposed of, but what if he were sensible and had taken steps to ensure a peaceful retirement? And would he really be able to resist temptation and relax into the life of a retired person? His story is quite developed. There is also a to date un-named minister of a Pentecostal Church who has telepathic contact with the elderly gardener next door, a member of The Religious Society of Friends, a Quaker. That is more bits and pieces, less cohesive, and there are some difficulties about its progression. My contact with a young black musician, who earns his living playing for Pentecostal services, convinces me there is a biting novel of graft and corruption to be written there, but this is not it and it is hard to define the parameters of the book I do want to write.


More no doubt will follow, given the opportunity my keyboard will continue to throw out these characters, and there will always be short stories and poems. I may have reached my threescore and ten, but I have not stopped for a while yet I hope.


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