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I tell stories, I don’t mean I write stories, or that I make up stories, though I do that as well, I mean I tell stories. They are traditional stories from all around the world, and I have the basic story line by heart, of course the story will be adapted in various ways to suit my audience. In the 1950’s when portable tape recorders were first invented someone took one to what was then Yugoslavia, story tellers would go around the community telling ‘historical’ stories about the pasts of the various families. The story teller had served a long apprenticeship and insisted that he always told exactly the same story every time, when confronted by the evidence of his recorded voice, demonstrating that this was not true, he replied that ‘of course, not everybody wants to hear the same parts of the tale told in the same way, but they were all parts of the same history.’ The concept of ‘same’ in the oral tradition does not mean identical, a good storyteller, paying attention to his audience, tells the story differently every time, though there are some places which are ‘markers’ for him, such as ‘I am your dragon; you are my dinner’, followed later by ‘ “Here comes my dinner”, then looking behind and seeing the other “My dinner comes double” ’. This means that every story telling experience is unique, personally tailored and fitted, like a handmade suit. With due notice I am willing to come and tell stories, or a story, most places in South London or within reach of the Hastings area, if in doubt, ask. Yannie’s dragon is a shortish story about fidelity and conquering personal fears, or maybe simply a story about a youth and a dragon; from Greece. My lord bag of rice, is a longer story about the limitations and extent of power and the rewards of bravery; from Japan. The McCine of Cine is a story of sylkies, from the west coast of Scotland. Anansie and the giant snake comes from West Africa, via the West Indies; a story of cunning and resource. Stan Bolovan is a belligerent Englishman with a family to feed, another longish story. The Lampton worm is a North of England story about taking responsibility for one’s errors, ingenuity, and listening to good counsel. Traditional stories are not the anodyne version supplied by the Victorian brothers Grimm, they helped people cope with reality, early psychotherapy, and usually held a message; not just for children. For a performance contact me here in the first place, e-mail


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