This section is for writers and would be writers, rather than for readers.


The link, ‘Forum’ is to writingforums.com which I joined when I first thought of writing and have been a member of ever since. As well as being a source of endless distraction if you let it, it also contains much good advice, many good resources, and has a friendly and helpful staff and membership, I would recommend taking a look at the thread ‘Piglet’s Picks’, stickied at the top of ‘The lounge’, there are many useful links in there.

The other links are to essays on various aspects of writing that I have written, I shall probably swap these around at some point as I have written a number which I am collating and editing to make a short book. If you have any interest in this I would love to hear from you.

Dedicated to all the members at WritingForums.com, especially gaza whose help and encouragement with the original articles was invaluable This started out as a series of articles for the newsletter of Writing forums.com. It is not intended to be read starting at the beginning, carrying on through the middle until reaching the end, and then stopping. It can be read that way, and no harm in it, I expect some of my readers (if there are readers) are starting out on that journey right now. The author contends that they will profit considerably from it, “Well, he would, wouldn’t he?” as Mandy Rice-Davies once said. I hope for other readers as well; ones who don’t necessarily want to read the whole book, but find some of it interesting; ones with butterfly minds who land lightly on a page from time to time to draw in a nectar like sip of understanding and flit on; ones who leave it in the smallest room in the house and read for five minutes every morning to distract themselves from the strain of life; all sorts of readers. What is the main message in this? That each section can be read independently, if you are not getting on with something simply flip to another one. Because of this some things are repeated, sometimes more than once. Hopefully the different contexts and varied presentations will help. If you think “I know this, you said it before,” skim to the next bit. Writing isn’t like fixing the car, there are no fixed instructions to follow in a logical order, most of what follows are general principles rather than specific courses of action, advice rather than instructions, and that sort of thing works best when it is absorbed and then allowed to do its job.




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I'm going to write a book


Writing Poetry


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